Why Business Owners University?

“I believe that people are dying in their business every day—just as my father did at the early age of 62. He never got to enjoy the full fruits of his labor. 

I see the same pattern in many of the business owners I consult with. The challenge is that we get so caught up in the "doing" of our business that we rarely take the time to look up and see that the "serving" side of our business has been pushed to the wayside. 

My goal is to cut through the chaos of owning a business. I want you to become laser-focused on the things that really matter. When you build a better business, you can enjoy your life, your income and your impact NOW.”

Director of Results

Jim Roman

Jim Roman has been helping small business owners and professionals build better businesses and better lives for themselves, their families and their communities for more than 20 years. A highly respected speaker, trainer and consultant, Jim’s results-oriented programs inspire and empower people to take action.

Jim comes to this passion from personal experience. He began working in his parents’ restaurant when he was 13, failed in his own first business venture and lost his dad at age 62. He knows how easy it is to put off living the life you want until it’s too late.

Jim has worked with thousands of businesses and organizations to figure out what is holding them back so they can break through their barriers, accelerate their growth and work to live instead of just living to work.

Jim’s own successful balance has included working on aircraft armament systems in the US Air Force, building and selling several successful businesses, traveling the country working with small businesses and the associations that support them and moving to Orlando so he could enjoy his own downtime in the sun and fun of Florida.

Jim Roman

Speaker, Trainer, Coach