Do you need to get your business going and growing?

What is it you struggle with? Finding business? Making proposals? Closing sales? To get your business going and growing, you have to do it all—and you can. I’ll show you how to find 8 to 10 strategies that you’ll actually implement because they are right for you and your business, whether you’re an extrovert, an introvert or somewhere in between.

 Session 1: Mindset

We’ll talk about how having the right mindset makes the difference between failure and success. We’ll explore: 

  • The importance of seeing yourself as someone who always works to bring in business
  • The importance of keeping up your momentum

Session 2: Math

We’ll talk about the importance of knowing your numbers so you can have reality-based goals—and how what you’ll find might surprise you. We’ll explore: 

  • Which numbers will keep you on track
  • How to calculate your revenue and appointment goals

Session 3: Methods

We’ll discover 8 to 10 strategies to bring in business on a regular and consistent basis—that you’ll implement because they work for you. We’ll explore: 

  • The building blocks to bringing in business
  • The differences between marketing, networking, referral and sales
  • How to identify strategies that are a good fit for your personality type and industry

What you will learn

  • 02

    Bringing in Business Action Guide

    • Download the Bringing in Business Action Guide

  • 03

    Bringing in Business: Mindset & Momentum

    • Mindset

    • Maintaining Momentum

  • 04

    Bringing in Business: Math

    • Math - Needs, Wants and Desires, Part 1

    • Math - Needs, Wants and Desires, Part 2

    • Math - Revenue Goals

    • Math - Number of Appointments, Part 1

    • Math - Number of Appointments, Part 2

  • 05

    Bringing in Business: Methods

    • Methods - Building Blocks to Bringing in Business

    • Methods - Marketing-Networking-Selling Scorecard™

    • Methods - Strategies for Bringing in Business

    • Methods 4 - Example Strategies

    • Methods - MORE Example Strategies

    • Methods - The $2-10K Challenge, Part 1

    • Methods - The $2-10K Challenge, Part 2

    • Methods - Creating Continuous Connection

    • Methods - Referral Partners, Part 1: Temperature Reading

    • Methods - Referral Partners, Part 2

    • Methods - Caring Questions

  • 06


    • BONUS Strategies: How to Know What Works for YOU

  • 07

    Next Steps...

    • Now What?!

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Jim Roman has been helping small business owners and professionals build better businesses and better lives for themselves, their families and their communities for more than 20 years. A highly respected speaker, trainer and consultant, Jim’s results-oriented programs inspire and empower people to take action.

Jim comes to this passion from personal experience. He began working in his parents’ restaurant when he was 13, failed in his own first business venture and lost his dad at age 62. He knows how easy it is to put off living the life you want until it’s too late.

Jim has worked with thousands of businesses and organizations to figure out what is holding them back so they can break through their barriers, accelerate their growth and work to live instead of just living to work.

Jim’s own successful balance has included working on aircraft armament systems in the US Air Force, building and selling several successful businesses, traveling the country working with small businesses and the associations that support them and moving to Orlando so he could enjoy his own downtime in the sun and fun of Florida.

Jim Roman

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