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Double Your Results in 90 days

The 90-day Fast Track™ is a concentrated, small group course focused on accelerating the growth of your business from the very first session. You’ll learn the processes and tools you need to double your results, whether you measure those in income, revenue, profit or commission. In just 13 sessions, you will: 

  • Create a mindset for growth
  • Cultivate prospects and close your sales gap
  • Develop a magnetic message that captives your target customers
  • Develop strategies to bring in business and referrals—whether you’re an introvert, an extrovert or somewhere in between
  • Organize your time so you can get things done

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Actual Results of Fast Track™ Clients

65% of our participants double their results in 90 days. Sign up today to see that kind of success yourself!

  • Fast Track™ participants see game-changing results in 90 days—or less!

  • A contractor increased sales 200% and was fully booked for 4 months.

  • A home health care client grew her net income by more than 600%.

  • A staffing company boosted monthly revenue by 59% in just 45 days—an increase of 169% over the previous year.

  • A website developer increased his monthly revenue by 137% in 45 days.

  • A carpet cleaning business increased their monthly revenue by 152% in 45 days

  • You can see results like this too! Sign up today to learn how to work smarter, not harder, so you can see this kind of amazing success yourself.

Jumpstart your business!

The 90-day Fast Track™ empowers you to

If you’re not bringing in enough profit to pay yourself well, if you feel like you’re just surviving, instead of thriving, if you’re watching your competitors speed past you, it’s time to break out of the pack and accelerate your success.
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What We Will Cover

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    • Online Group Meeting Invitation (Add this to your calendar)

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    Session 1: Create a Mindset for Growth

    • Assignment 1—Create a Mindset for Growth: How to Double Your Numbers

  • 04

    Session 2: Develop a Harvest Process

    • Assignment 2—Develop a Harvest Process: How to Cultivate Your Prospects

  • 05

    Session 3: Develop Your Target Market

    • Assignment 3—Develop Your Target Market: How to Find People Who Need, Want and Will Buy

  • 06

    Session 4: Work Session 1

    • Work Session 1

  • 07

    Session 5: Develop a Unique Value Proposition

    • Assignment 5—Develop a Unique Value Proposition: How to Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition

  • 08

    Session 6: Develop Strategies to Bring in Business

    • Assignment 6—Develop Strategies to Bring in Business: How to Bring in Business on a Regular and Consistent Basis

  • 09

    Session 7: Develop a Referral-Based Business

    • Assignment 7—Develop a Referral-Based Business: How to Turn Your Contacts into Contracts

  • 10

    Session 8: Work Session 2

    • Work Session 2

  • 11

    Session 9: Organize Your Time to Get It All Done

    • Assignment 9—Organize Your Time to Get It All Done: How to Build a Block Timing Calendar

  • 12

    Session 10: Close Your Sales Gap

    • Assignment 10—Close Your Sales Gap: How to Implement the 7 Cs™ to Getting People to Buy

  • 13

    Session 11: Make It Easy to Refer You

    • Assignment 11—Make It Easy to Refer You: How to Host Fun Events That Build Relationships

  • 14

    Session 12: Work Session 3

    • Work Session 3

  • 15

    Session 13: Graduation!

    • Session 13—Graduation/How to Keep Up the Momentum

  • 16

    Next Steps...

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Meet Your Coaches

“Jim is a national speaker and business coach who has worked with thousands of business professionals and entrepreneurs to figure out what is holding them back from going to the next level. His inspiring and direct approach to building a better business will empower you to take action so you can break through your barriers, accelerate your growth and work to live instead of just living to work.”

Director of Results

Jim Roman

“With over 10 years of experience working with small business owners, Kathy empathizes with the struggles you face and understands the incredible sacrifices you make. Kathy loves to drill down to the core goals you have and dig deep into the numbers so you can set financial goals that enable you to meet your personal goals.”

Fast Track™ Coach

Kathy Roman

“Arnel Tanyag has spent the past 15 years helping small business owners grow their businesses without sacrificing what’s really important: family, friends and living their ideal lifestyle. His passion is seeing the great results his clients achieve in their businesses and their lives. ”

Fast Track™ Coach

Arnel Tanyag

Are you ready for results?

65% of our participants doubled their business in 90 days. Will you be the next one?
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